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نماد اعتماد الکترونیکی
جدول محاسبه زمان و تخفیف
    تعداد کلمات
    زمان عادی تحویل فوری
    درصد تخفیف
    1 - 1500
    0.5 - 2 روز
    حداکثر 1 روز
    1500 - 4000
    3 - 5 روز
    حداکثر 3 روز
    4000 - 8000
    6 - 9 روز
    حداکثر 5 روز
    با لای 8000
    1000 کلمه روزانه
    1500 کلمه روزانه
    گارانتی تحویل در موعد مقرر
translate armenian

Words of the Day
Unstained adj. Not stained.Unstuck past and past part. Of *unstick.Unsurpassed adj. Not surpassed.Tie-up n. Connection, association.Untameable adj. That cannot be tamed.Unthread v. Take the thread out of (a needle etc.).Untouched adj. 1 not touched. 2 not affected physically, emotionally, etc. 3 not discussed.Untuck v. Free (bedclothes etc.) From being tucked in or up.Unversed adj. (usu. Foll. By in) not experienced or skilled.Tights 1 thin close-fitting wool or nylon etc. Garment covering the legs, feet, and the lower part of the torso, worn by women and girls. 2 similar garment worn by a dancer, acrobat, etc.Tidemark n. 1 mark made by the tide at high water. 2 a line left round a bath by the dirty water. B colloq. Line between washed and unwashed parts of a person's body.