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نماد اعتماد الکترونیکی
جدول محاسبه زمان و تخفیف
    تعداد کلمات
    زمان عادی تحویل فوری
    درصد تخفیف
    1 - 1500
    0.5 - 2 روز
    حداکثر 1 روز
    1500 - 4000
    3 - 5 روز
    حداکثر 3 روز
    4000 - 8000
    6 - 9 روز
    حداکثر 5 روز
    با لای 8000
    1000 کلمه روزانه
    1500 کلمه روزانه
    گارانتی تحویل در موعد مقرر
translate azeri

Words of the Day
Enrol v. (us enroll) (-ll-) 1 enlist. 2 a write the name of (a person) on a list. B incorporate as a member. C enrol oneself, esp. For a course of study.  enrolment n. [french: related to *en-1]Ensconce v. (-cing) (usu. Refl. Or in passive) establish or settle comfortably. [from sconce small fortification]Enshroud v. Literary 1 cover with or as with a shroud. 2 obscure.D�butante n. (us debutante) (usu. Wealthy) young woman making her social d�but.Enslave v. (-ving) make (a person) a slave.  enslavement n.En suite �adv. Forming a single unit (bedroom with bathroom en suite). �adj. 1 forming a single unit (en suite bathroom). 2 with a bathroom attached (seven en suite bedrooms). [french, = in sequence]-ent suffix 1 forming adjectives denoting attribution of an action (consequent) or state (existent). 2 forming agent nouns (president). [latin -ent- present participial stem of verbs]Entangle v. (-ling) 1 catch or hold fast in a snare, tangle, etc. 2 involve in difficulties. 3 complicate.  entanglement n.Enter v. 1 go or come in or into. 2 come on stage (also as a direction: enter macbeth). 3 penetrate (bullet entered his arm). 4 write (name, details, etc.) In a list, book, etc. 5 register, record the name of as a competitor (entered for the long jump). 6 a become a member of (a society or profession). B enrol in a school etc. 7 make known; present for consideration (enter a protest). 8 record formally (before a court of law etc.). 9 (foll. By into) a engage in (conversation etc.). B subscribe to; bind oneself by (an agreement, contract, etc.). C form part of (a calculation, plan, etc.). D sympathize with (feelings). 10 (foll. By on, upon) a begin; begin to deal with. B assume the functions of (an office) or possession of (property). [latin intra within]Decade n. 1 period of ten years. 2 series or group of ten. [greek: related to *deca-]Debut n. (brit. D�but) first public appearance (as a performer etc.). [french]