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نماد اعتماد الکترونیکی
جدول محاسبه زمان و تخفیف
    تعداد کلمات
    زمان عادی تحویل فوری
    درصد تخفیف
    1 - 1500
    0.5 - 2 روز
    حداکثر 1 روز
    1500 - 4000
    3 - 5 روز
    حداکثر 3 روز
    4000 - 8000
    6 - 9 روز
    حداکثر 5 روز
    با لای 8000
    1000 کلمه روزانه
    1500 کلمه روزانه
    گارانتی تحویل در موعد مقرر
translate polish

Words of the Day
Prophetic adj. 1 (often foll. By of) containing a prediction; predicting. 2 of a prophet.  prophetically adv. [latin: related to *prophet]Proportionate adj. = *proportional.  proportionately adv.Propulsion n. 1 driving or pushing forward. 2 impelling influence.  propulsive adj. [related to *propel]Prong n. Each of two or more projecting pointed parts at the end of a fork etc. [origin unknown]Prosecute v. (-ting) 1 (also absol.) Institute legal proceedings against (a person), or with reference to (a claim, crime, etc.) (decided not to prosecute). 2 formal carry on (a trade, pursuit, etc.).  prosecutor n. [latin prosequor -secut- pursue]Prosperity n. Prosperous state; wealth; success.Protean adj. Variable, taking many forms; versatile. [proteus, greek sea-god who took various shapes]Pro tempore adj. & adv. For the time being. [latin]Prototype n. 1 original as a pattern for imitations, improved forms, representations, etc. 2 trial model or preliminary version of a vehicle, machine, etc.  prototypic adj. Prototypical adj. [greek: related to *proto-]Prop2 n. Colloq. = *property 3. [abbreviation]Promissory adj. Conveying or implying a promise. [medieval latin: related to *promise]