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نماد اعتماد الکترونیکی
جدول محاسبه زمان و تخفیف
    تعداد کلمات
    زمان عادی تحویل فوری
    درصد تخفیف
    1 - 1500
    0.5 - 2 روز
    حداکثر 1 روز
    1500 - 4000
    3 - 5 روز
    حداکثر 3 روز
    4000 - 8000
    6 - 9 روز
    حداکثر 5 روز
    با لای 8000
    1000 کلمه روزانه
    1500 کلمه روزانه
    گارانتی تحویل در موعد مقرر
translate urdu

Words of the Day
Tortoiseshell butterfly n. Butterfly with wings mottled like tortoiseshell.Totalitarian adj. Of a one-party form of government requiring complete subservience to the state.  totalitarianism n.Toucan n. Tropical american fruit-eating bird with an immense beak. [tupi]Tie-up n. Connection, association.Toupee n. Hairpiece to cover a bald spot. [french]Tour operator n. Travel agent specializing in package holidays.Tow-headed adj. Having very light or unkempt hair.Townsman n. (fem. Townswoman) inhabitant of a town.Trace1 �v. (-cing) 1 a observe or find vestiges or signs of by investigation. B (often foll. By along, through, to, etc.) Follow or mark the track or position of. C (often foll. By back) follow to its origins. 2 copy (a drawing etc.) By drawing over its lines on superimposed translucent paper. 3 (often foll. By out) mark out, delineate, sketch, or write, esp. Laboriously. 4 make one's way along (a path etc.). �n. 1 a indication of something having existed; vestige. B very small quantity. 2 track or footprint. 3 track left by the moving pen of an instrument etc.  traceable adj. [latin traho draw]Tights 1 thin close-fitting wool or nylon etc. Garment covering the legs, feet, and the lower part of the torso, worn by women and girls. 2 similar garment worn by a dancer, acrobat, etc.Tidemark n. 1 mark made by the tide at high water. 2 a line left round a bath by the dirty water. B colloq. Line between washed and unwashed parts of a person's body.